Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Newest Family Member!

First let me say our very first girl was Belle. She is a 13 year old Aussie. What a special dog! She has been through 5 moves and 2 kids! LOL! She is a trooper and as loyal as they come. She is slowing down. Each day with her is a blessing.

So that leads us to the purchase of our new pup. Maybe she will spark some new
life into our old girl Belle or help us and our children deal with loosing her when the time comes. Not something I like to think about.

Meet Roxy! She is an 9 week old Mini Aussie. Check out those pools of blue! She is a beauty and is quickly stealing our hearts! In the last 3 days she has escaped her playpen and of course peed near the back door. Hey she did try to go out. I'll give her some credit. Now I'm sticking to the crate. This is are first time crate training a dog and not to sure how it was all going to go down. I must say night #3 was a huge success. She slept from 11-5:45! WOO HOO I feel like a new person! Much easier then my kids and the bassinet! LOL!!! I wonder was night #4 will bring?? Well we are learning fast that starting over after 13 years with a puppy is tiring us out a lot faster then it used to. We are positive though after sleepless nights, new carpet, chewed shoes, destroyed yard, and who knows what else this girl is going to be one awesome dog!

We love you Belle and Roxy!!!

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